Jacques Bistro du Parc ranked in Top Five Best French Restaurants in Toronto according to Zagat.  link

Jacques Bistro du Parc nominated for Best Bistro 2009 by dine.to

Toronto Life Magazine rates Jacques Bistro’s French onion soup as the best in the city:

“Earthenware urns with lion’s head handles contain gold broth laced with as much Swiss emmenthal as a sweet onion [...] Almost onion fondue.  After 27 years, this one has become Toronto’s standard.  People’s Choice Award”.  link

Gina Mallet, food critic for the National Post comments:

“Other bistros come and go, food fads come and go, but for the past thirty two years, Jacques Bistro du Parc (originally Jacques’ Omelettes) has remained the same with some judicious tweaking. [...]  Jacques is a family place the kind of place which used to be found all over France, a basic menu of familiar favourites. I can recommend the unapologetically rich snails in garlic butter, fragrant mussels in white wine sauce, a little lunchtime steak with homemade frites, onion soup but of course, a tart salad of endives, watercress and tomatoes. [...]  For lunch I have an omelette – what else? This is the one place where I can be sure I’ll get the real thing, a little miracle of softness. [...] Service is prompt, the baguette fresh, the wines are under $10 a glass. [...] [For dinner,] I order sweetbreads sautéed with mushrooms, apples and flamed with Calvados.  Rather than whole medallions, the sweetbreads are chopped up and the sauce is knockout unctuous”. link

Cyntha Cheng writes in Prospere Magazine:

Jacques Bistro du Parc is one of Yorkville’s hidden gems.  Not often mentioned by Toronto’s lifestyle magazines, this restaurant is a great place to stop by for lunch while shopping downtown or for a quiet dinner for two.

The French restaurant, located at 126A Cumberland Street, is a smaller, cozy venue compared to the typical Yorkville eatery.  In addition, prices are more reasonable.  A three course dinner, not including drinks, will cost a diner under $50, while neighbouring restaurants would be closer to $60. [...]

Jacques Bistro’s Soupe d’oignon au gratin (French Onion Soup – $8.95) is highly recommended.  Served piping hot, the soup is very rich with its gooey cheese layer”.  link

Rob Duffy, in his article “Toronto’s Best Bowls of Soup” for dailyxy.com, writes:

“This Yorkville hideout makes the list on the strength of its French onion soup alone. With its thick layers of Swiss emmenthal, Jacques boasts the finest recipe this side of Calais for what’s become a Canadian winter classic”. link

Brian Will, founder and editor of the International Chef and Restaurant Database chefdb.com, in an interview published by tasteto.com, answers when asked Where do you take your relatives when they come to Toronto:

My Mum and I seem to end up in Yorkville a lot [...] Jacques' Bistro du Parc (126 Cumberland Street). We’ve been going to Jacques since the Jacques' Omelettes days. The French Onion soup is exceptional and we’d probably still go if the only item on their menu was the Gateau St. Honoré”. link

Travel Guide Ulysse (5e édition, p. 179) mentions:

“Ce tout petit établissement au charme indubitable est situé à l’étage d’une belle maison de Yorkville.  Français jusqu’au bout des doigts, le propriétaire est des plus sympatique.  Il propose une cuisine simple mais de qualité comme ce lapin frais de l’Ontario et ce carré d’agneau dijonnaise”.

Annabelle, in her blog Nanabelle Goes to Dinner and a Movie, writes:

“What has remained constant is the high quality of the food. Jacques is still in the kitchen waving at the patrons and creating his masterful French cuisine.” [...] “I have dined here for years. It was thrilling to return and see that the menu still offers a variety of authentic French cuisine. This is gourmet food at every bite.  The restaurant is small and charming. Even the menu cover puts you in that French mood. The cover has an illustration of the front of the restaurant.  Save room for dessert. The very best French tartes are offered. Raspberry or Lemon are the choices. Have one of each because they are that fantastic.”  link