Valentine’s Day ~ Saint Valentin

Hot purée of carrot and ginger soup

French onion soup gratinée

Sautéed snails in garlic butter, mushrooms and tomatoes

Salade gourmande

Foie gras, figs, mixed greens, and walnut and raisin bread


Fresh fillet of salmon

Poached with fresh basil and butter sauce

Pan seared fresh sea scallops

Beurre blanc, sweet basil sauce

Filet mignon

Stuffed with roasted almonds and foie gras

Madeira wine sauce

Grilled tender slices of Provimi veal

Fresh vegetables, herb butter sauce

Sautéed free range chicken breast

Wild mushrooms in a light Madeira wine sauce

Omelette niçoise (ratatouille)

Served with an assortment of vegetables or side salad


Chocolate and hazelnut mousse cake

Tarte maison

Coupe de petits fruits frais à la liqueur de cassis

Fresh berries marinated in a blackcurrent liquor

over two scoops of vanilla ice cream


Café ~ Thé